Helping Students Learn in a Learner Centered Environment

I wrote this book to address the question of ” how do I get my students to accept a learner centered practice.” It was the question I heard over and over as  I worked with faculty on campuses across the country. Students resist learner centered teaching because it’s new and different and doesn’t look like what they know of as school. They also resist  learner centered teaching because it requires more effort from them and asks them to take on more responsibility for their own learning.

Unless faculty address these two major issues learner centered teaching will not be successful. This book addresses how to answer these questions and how to assist students in making the transition to a learner centered classroom.

The book is available from Stylus Publishing


  1. Dear Terrence J. Doyle,

    Dr. Steve HU benefits alot from your speech on the “What Brain Research can Tell us about Students’ Learning”
    Wish to keep on leanring from your insights

    • Thanks for the message. I just posted the slides from my presentation on my website today. It was an honor to speak with everyone!

  2. Hello sir I am a Mphil student in English and my thesis paper is on learner centered approach and believe me I have got a lot of materials from your articles. Thank you sir your papers are simply outstanding. My best regards are with you.
    Rohit kant mishra
    Mphil scholar

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