Brain Research

These resources are about current neuroscience, biology and cognitive science findings about how the human brain learns and how these findings might be applied to assisting students in their learning.


  1. Hello Dr. Doyle: I attended your speech What Brain Research can Tell us about students’ learning at National Taiwan University today. I’m the one who answered your question about the most important principle that “It is the one who does the work WHO DOES THE LEARNING”. I’ve been paying much attention to brain research findings and reflecting my teaching belief and practice constantly for about 4 yearsThanks for your inspiration. Can’t wait to read your new book. Hope you enjoy your stay in Taiwan.

    • Thanks for the kind message. Iposted the slides from my presentation this morning. I had a great time in Taipei. Everyone was so kind to me. I would love to visit again.

      Cheers, Terry

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