Fifty Ways to Assess Learning

Fifty Ways to Assess Learning


            Formative Tools

  1. Classroom Assessment Techniques—these are a variety of informal short activities to assess how students’ learning is progressing. They can be done daily, weekly, monthly etc.( Angelo and Cross, 1993)
    1. One minute paper
    2. Muddiest point
    3. One sentence summary
    4. Background Questionnaire
    5. Content Inquiry


  1. Written Feedback


  1. Oral Feedback/ individual student meetings


  1. Peer feedback


  1. Self analysis of work- builds metacognition skills


  1. Small Group Instructional Diagnosis (SGID)


  1. Recitation


  1. Discussion


  1. Observations


Summative Tools


1.                  Essay tests

2.                  Objective tests, true-false, multiple choice, fill-in-the blanks, matching

3.                  Cases

4.                  Open book tests

5.                  Take home tests

6.                  Group tests

7.                  Students make up a test

8.                  Daily quizzes

9.                  Pop quizzes

10.              Scheduled quizzes

11.              Oral presentations-power point, transparencies, web pages or sites

12.              Written reports

13.              Written term papers

14.              Written essays

15.              Group presentations

16.              Speeches

17.              Role plays

18.              Performances

19.              Simulations

20.              Games, like College Bowl, Jeopardy

21.              Debates

22.              Trials

23.              Point-Counter Point

24.              Town Meeting

25.              Create video or DVD

26.              Interviews

27.              Teach a lesson

28.              Writing case  studies

29.              Solving problems

30.              Creating  mind maps-content maps

31.              Create images or drawings

32.              Reflective Journals

33.              Discussion/participation

34.              Problem sets/math/chemistry/physics /accounting

35.              Answer questions from readings

36.              Write summary or notes of reading

37.              Puppet Show


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