Rationales for Giving Classroom Presentations


Rationales for Giving  Classroom Presentations


1.      Students will need to learn the information to be presented deeply. If a person is going to inform others about what they know they must first really know and understand the material themselves.


2.      Students will learn to organize information in a clear and concise way. The audience is interested in hearing the most important information. Students must be prepared to give it to them.


3.      Students will learn to use analysis skills to find the most important information to share. Their research needs to lead them to the most important and interesting ideas. This is what the audience wants to hear.


4.      Students will learn to think about the audience—who are they and how to best connect with them.


5.      Students will learn to use visual aids to enhance their ideas. People are visual by their very biology (Zull p. 144). The proper use of images and pictures can greatly enhance the message of the presentation.


6.      Students will learn where to find effective visual images to enhance their presentation. There is a whole world beyond their computer’s clip art. There are computer graphics, digitized photographic stills, photo mosaics, geographic information systems (GIS), video simulations and visualizations which are applications of three- and four-dimensional computer graphics technologies.


7.       Students will learn to use presentation tools like PowerPoint and Internet sites


8.      Students will learn how to practice their presentation to enhance their presenting skills. The act of practice can makes everything easier. Students will learn how to fit information into a set time period.


9.      Students will learn how to relax in front of an audience.


10.  Students will learn how to help their peers to learn. They will discover what it takes to teach others to understand what they have learned.


11.  Students will learn how to accept feedback on their presentation and use it to improve future presentations.


12.  Students will learn most professional jobs require presentation skills.


13.  Students will learn if you can’t explain it to others than it is very likely that you don’t clearly understand it yourself. Preparing for a presentation creates this valuable awareness.


14.  Students will learn to do research on the topic and discover new sources of information in their field of study.


15.  Students will learn to defend their view in front of others. This extremely important real world skill will be vital to their professional success.


16.    Students will learn to build a case with evidence to prove a point or defend a position.


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