Teaching Students to do Peer Evaluation

Teaching Students to do Peer Evaluation


  1. Carefully evaluate the readiness of students to take on peer evaluation.

A. What aspects of the knowledge and skills being presented do students have enough experience to

     give meaningful feedback on.

B. Are the students mature enough to give and receive meaningful feedback

C. What prior experience have they had with giving feedback?


  1. Make certain you have a well developed rubric to guide their evaluation.
    1. The rubric should reflect areas students have the experience and knowledge to judge
    2. Students can be ask to contribute to the rubric


  1. Don’t ask students to evaluate what they don’t have the background to understand.

A. Focus on basic understanding of the material presented and the core elements of the presentation process


  1. Help students to find sources of external feedback for their work.
    1. Provide models of quality work for students to compare their work to
    2. Have students compare their findings( feedback) to that of other students and to the teachers


  1. Students need to have evidence that supports the feedback they give others.

A. Share models of what quality presentation style and well developed content is so these can be used to support feedback


  1. Students need to be taught how to give constructive criticism
    1. Teach students to use unambiguous words in their feedback
    2. Explain that the feedback must  identify specific areas  that need improvement or were outstanding



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